As a child sketching hotel lobbies I didn't imagine I'd end up pursuing architecture but here I am! Having grown up in Mumbai I have a love for cities and an even deeper appreciation for the peace that natural spaces can bring amongst the chaos. In the 8th grade when I first learned about climate change I was equal parts devasted and riled up to do something about it. And that emotional drive remains active even today and flows into every aspect of my life. From the clothes I choose to purchase, products I use and food I eat, to the buildings I imagine, they are all steps towards a more equitable & sustainable future I wish to be in.  
In April I received a COTE Top Ten Students award for my project Oscillating States! I couldn't have asked for a better more meaningful end to my five-year B.Arch journey at the Rhode Island School of Design.
At RISD I have been the President of the South Asian Students Association and founded the dance club RISD JALWA. I'm trained in Indian Classical Music and various styles of dance and perform and choreograph frequently. My dream as a Sophomore was to open people up to South Asian culture and to create some joy on campus through the performing arts. As a graduating student, I was nominated for a social engagement award that gave me great satisfaction to know I had touched some people over these past few years. 
I hope you enjoy looking at my work and that this has given you some insight into my inner workings. I am always open to new opportunities so feel free to reach out to me at

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