Final model with marks and phenomenon. 
Initial Move : Setting up a still life of objects, and drawing them in two fixed perspectives (view 1, and 2). Following which I projected the drawing onto the still life maintaining those exact points of view. 
Unconventional Measurement: I measured my still life by setting up planes, and used wire to measure the edges as a series of points from that plane. 
Mark making : A second layer of hexagonal marks were added onto the still life to measure the phenomenon I had captured in my drawing. The hexagons shifted between sizes and colour, capturing the changes in material, light and shadow. 
Core Model : I constructed a 2 inch slice of my still life, but changed the surfaces to better capture the surface phenomenon. The model developed a new life under a variety of natural light conditions. 
Sketch Models allowed me to feedback additional details into my rhino model.
Modelling the surface phenomenon 
Final model: The shadows generated from the model were fed back into Rhino to generate a projection of the objects. The objects now become a mapping of light and shadow that imply their shape. 
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